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Elevate your occasions with Sansation Catering's exquisite culinary creations. From lavish weddings to intimate gatherings, indulge in exceptional dining experiences that will leave a lasting impression.

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Corporate Catering

Corporate catering excellence by Sansation. Elevate your business events with our culinary creations, crafted with finesse and served with professionalism. Contact us for a remarkable dining experience.

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Wedding Catering

Unforgettable wedding catering by Sansation. Experience exquisite culinary delights that elevate your special day. Let us create a menu that captures your love story. Contact us for a remarkable dining experience.

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Birthday Catering

Celebrate with Sansation! Elevate your birthday festivities with our exceptional catering. Enjoy culinary delights crafted with finesse to make your special day truly unforgettable. Contact us now.

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Special Events Catering

Unforgettable moments, extraordinary catering. Let Sansation elevate your special events with exquisite culinary creations. Contact us for a remarkable dining experience that will leave a lasting impression.

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Cocktail Catering

Crafted cocktails, exquisite catering. Add flair to your event with Sansation's cocktail catering. Enjoy handcrafted drinks and culinary delights for a sophisticated and memorable affair. Contact us now.

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Get-together Catering

Gather and indulge with Sansation! Elevate your get-together with exceptional catering. Experience exquisite culinary delights and personalized service that make your event truly memorable. Contact us today.

Book Catering, Get a Stunning Venue for Free!

Elevating Your Catering Experience to Unmatched Heights

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Culinary Excellence

Experience exquisite culinary creations crafted with the finest ingredients, presented with finesse, and tailored to your preferences.

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Our dedicated team of event planners work closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life, handling every detail with meticulous care.

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With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, you can trust Sansation for professional, reliable, and top-notch catering services that exceed your expectations.

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Elevate your occasions with remarkable dining experiences that leave a lasting impression on your guests, from lavish weddings to intimate gatherings.


Savor the Art of Culinary Delights

Savor the art of culinary perfection with Sansation Catering's exquisite menu. Elevate your event with our thoughtfully crafted culinary creations, using the finest ingredients to impress and satisfy your guests.


Elegant Canapés by Sansation Catering: A Symphony of Flavors and Artistry. Elevate Your Event with our Exquisite Bite-sized Delights, Perfect for Cocktail Receptions, Corporate Events, and Special Occasions.

Live Stations.png
Live Stations

Lively Culinary Experiences: Live Stations by Sansation Catering. Elevate Your Event with Interactive and Engaging Culinary Stations, Creating Unforgettable Memories for Your Guests. Perfect for Weddings, Corporate Events, and Social Gatherings.


Raise Your Glass to Extraordinary Beverages: Drink Up the Delights of Sansation Catering. From Signature Cocktails to Fine Wines, Our Beverage Selection is Crafted to Complement Your Event with Taste and Style. Cheers to a Memorable Experience!

Global Gastronomy

Embark on a Culinary Journey with Sansation Catering's Global Gastronomy. Delight Your Palate with Our Diverse Cuisines, From Exotic Flavors to Classic Favorites. Elevate Your Event with Our International Culinary Expertise.


Culinary Delights by Sansation Catering. Immerse Your Taste Buds in the Vibrant Tastes and Aromas of Mediterranean Cuisine. Elevate Your Event with the Timeless Charm and Deliciousness of Mediterranean Food.


Culinary Treasures by Sansation Catering. Embark on a Taste Adventure with Authentic Asian Cuisine. Elevate Your Event with the Exotic Aromas, Vibrant Colors, and Irresistible Tastes of the East.


Authentic Cuisine by Sansation Catering. Experience the Rich Flavors, Aromas, and Traditions of Arabic Food. Elevate Your Event with the Warmth and Hospitality of Arabic Culinary Treasures.


International Cuisine by Sansation Catering. Journey through Global Flavors with Our Exquisite Selection of International Dishes. Elevate Your Event with a Culinary Tour of the World, Delighting Your Guests with a Multicultural Feast for the Senses.

Event Hosting at 
Our Exclusive Restaurants

Experience the Perfect Venue for Your Event at Sansation Catering's Exclusive Restaurants in Motor City and Arabian Ranches. Our Chic and Elegant Spaces are Ideal for Hosting Corporate Events, Social Gatherings, Weddings, and More. 

With Impeccable Service, Exquisite Cuisine, and a Luxurious Ambience, Let Our Restaurants Set the Stage for Your Memorable Occasion.


What Our Clients Say



I've asked about catering services recently, and the we found our solution in Sansation catering option (from the Sansation restaurant in AR2). We had our party yesterday and the quality of everything was amazing, with a very reasonable price. I totally recommend it, I think it could be useful for almost everyone

Camelia Mesdames


Whether It's a Wedding, Corporate Event, Social Gathering, or Special Occasion, Request Your Customized Quote Today and Let Us Bring Your Culinary Vision to Life. Experience Our Unmatched Quality, Creativity, and Service, Tailored to Your Event Needs.

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Delight in Culinary Excellence: Sansation Catering is Your Premier Choice for Unforgettable Events. Our Expert Team, Exquisite Food, and Impeccable Service Ensure an Extraordinary Culinary Experience. Contact Us Today to Bring Your Vision to Life!

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Po Box : 390942, Dubai , UAE


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